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James S.
Vero Beach, FL
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Punctual, responsible,professional. Reasonable pricing.
Melissa W.
Hobe Sound, FL
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Very professional & did good work. They cleaned the roof, house exterior, walkways & driveway. Nice job.
Richard H.
Palm City, FL
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Arrived quickly for an on-site quote. Scheduled us fast as well. Did great work for a very fair price.
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Roof Cleaning
Shingle Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
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Roof Cleaning

Not all Roofs are created equal

Pressure Cleaning or Chemical Cleaning? Who's Right

  • Tile Roof Cleaning- For this process, we use a special chemical process with a light pressure to ensure a deep clean. Our team is trained on the proper way to walk on tile roofs to help prevent the breaking of the tiles. Even if you have broken roof tiles not due to our cleaning we will re-attach the broken tiles to your roof with a RMA-approved adhesive.
  • Shingle Roof Cleaning- We use a low-pressure chemical-based or some calling a soft wash roof cleaning which is designed to not harm or damage your, shingles, roof, plants, and lawn surrounding your house.
  • Metal Roof Cleaning We can safely walk on metal roofs to provide the most efficient clean possible. Cleaning metal roofs is a process of applying a mildewcide roof cleaning solution and light pressure to clean it. We inspect roofs for any rusting or corrosion and notify the property owner. If we happen to find any such damage we are able to sand rust or corrosion down and apply a direct-to-metal paint matching the current metal roof color.
  • Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning- For this type of roof we use a non-chlorine-based cleaner specifically designed for shake roofs to restore the natural look of the cedar. Chlorine can actually damage your cedar shake shingles causing them to prematurely crack and splinter shortening the life of the roof. After cleaning the roof, we apply a penetrating wood-protecting sealant to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.
  • Roof Sealant Application: There are several benefits to using a roof sealant. One benefit is the prolonged life of your roof shingles or tiles. Another benefit to using a sealant on your roof is the extra protection it offers against wind damage caused by hurricanes and storms. Along with these other benefits the sealant allows the cleaning done prior to the application to last longer, it basically does not allow the dirt and mold to settle on the roof as easily.

Why Choose Us!

Pressure or Chemical?

A common misunderstanding is that all roofs are created equal. There are too many factors for this to be true. You have to consider that not all roofs are made of the same material. You have metal, shingle, wood shingle, tile, and metal tile roofs. Many roofs are very hard to traverse due to varying pitches and materials. This makes for a very dangerous business to have a one-solution method.

Some companies believe there is a single solution for cleaning a roof and have adopted this method. This is the use of extremely potent chemicals sprayed on in massive quantities. This makes the algae stains on the surface magically disappear. In the 1980’s when many roofs were shingle the chemical solution was the widely accepted solution. This was due to damage to the shingles from pressure cleaning causing granular loss. That fact is still true, shingle roofs cannot handle pressure cleaning. Shingle roof owners do not have a choice. If the process is done correctly by chemical cleaning the contractor is able to prevent extreme granular loss.

Any chemical process or softwash roof cleaning should always be rinsed from the roof. The longer you leave any chemical on a roof the more damage it is doing. Never have a company mislead you to believe that the longer a chemical stays on your roof the more it is helping or that it will extend the cleaning. These are called spray-on-leave-on methods. Many roofing materials are prone to rust and other cellular damage from excessive exposure to chemicals. This can include nails, flashing, tar paper, shingles, and other building materials.

As for tile roofs chemical cleaning is not the best solution. It is the opposite, although this practice has been adopted across the board. The strength of these chemicals has to be so high with no dilution available for these processes to work. These chemicals can get caught in cracks and crevices for long periods under the tiles. This is especially true when you have tiles butting together in valleys.

Many of the new building codes in the state of Florida require you to foam-fill air space under the tiles for hurricane protection. This allows more areas where chemicals can get caught and also allows more roofing products to be exposed to chemical damage. The use of chemicals is necessary for cleaning all forms of roofs including tiles. The right type of contractor will use less than 5% of the chemicals that (chemical only) type companies may use. This is accomplished by having an appropriate mix of chemicals and agitation from pressure washing.

 It is a commonly known fact in any form of cleaning that chemicals are more effective with agitation. For this reason companies that pressure clean tiles do not have to service their contracts as often as (chemical-only) spray companies. 

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