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Hood Vent Cleaning


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Very professional & did good work. They cleaned the roof, house exterior, walkways & driveway. Nice job.
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Arrived quickly for an on-site quote. Scheduled us fast as well. Did great work for a very fair price.
Hood Vent Cleaning
Hood Vent Cleaning - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

What is the importance of Hood Vent Cleaning in Commercial Kitchens, like those in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, Clubhouses, and senior care centers are required to have measures in place to protect patrons and staff from the dangers of fires.  Regardless of how large or small the kitchen hood vent is, or the volume, people in the building could be in danger if something goes wrong. This is where hood vent cleaning come in. 

In addition to helping your kitchen be clean and tidy, this important maintenance step is important for keeping your building and the people inside, safe.   If you operate a low-volume commercial kitchen, you only need to have a hood vent cleaning done once a year to comply with NFPA regulations.  However, high-volume kitchens, such as fast food restaurants, should clean their vent hoods every 3 months.  A regular and thorough hood vent cleaning of your system is important for many reasons.t a huge commitment, and taking the time to have it done each year is vitally important for many reasons.


  • Reduce the risk of fire:  The purpose of a vent hood is to trap as much grease, smoke and grime as possible. That’s why it’s located directly above the cooking surface. Over time, the hood accumulates a sticky layer of grease that, if heated to a high enough temperature, could ignite. Grease fires are incredibly dangerous and burn very hot, so any step you can take to reduce this risk is worth taking.
  • Reduce dangerous particle emissions:  The grimier a kitchen vent hood becomes, the less efficient it is at trapping grease, smoke and other grime. Particles not trapped in the vent hood are free to escape into the air inside the building. This causes a potential health risk to your kitchen staff and other people in the building.
  • Keep you in compliance:  If a local fire official makes a surprise visit to your commercial kitchen, he could fine you or shut down the establishment if he discovers the kitchen hood is not clean and well-maintained. A-1 Cleaning Concepts is Brycer Compliant.
  • Keep insurance costs lower:  Insurance companies require commercial kitchens to comply with all fire safety codes. If you’re found in violation of any codes, you could lose coverage or your premiums may increase.
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