Concrete Modular 011
What is Wet Sandblasting

  • Wet sandblasting is the process of adding water to the blast stream to cut down on a percentage of dust. Wet sandblasting can be used on concrete, brick, steel, aluminum, and other masonry and metal surfaces. Wet sandblasting can also be used to strip paint and mold from wood.
  • Wet blasting uses compressed air and a standard blast machine to propel abrasive, with just enough water added at the nozzle to suppress the dust. Dust suppression is extremely important as dust may contain silica, lead or other hazardous materials. Silica dust is released when sandblasting concrete. Silica dust exposure many result in silicosis. Please read our Silica page for more in depth information. Wet Sandblasting can produce the same hard hitting force as dry abrasive blasting. Wet Sandblasting systems have a control at the nozzle to adjust water pressure and volume from a fine mist to a full water wash. The volume of water can be regulated to match the amount of dust being produced.

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