Roof Cleaning

Not All Roofs Are Created Equal

  • Tile Roof- For this process we use a special chemical process with a light pressure to ensure a deep clean. Our team is trained on the proper way to walk on tile roofs to help prevent the breaking of the tiles. Even if you have broken roof tiles not due to our cleaning we will re-attach the broken tiles to your roof with a RMA approved adhesive .
  • Shingle Roof- We use a low pressure chemical based cleaning designed to not harm or damage your, shingles, roof, plants and lawn surrounding your house.
  • Metal Roof- We can safely walk on metal roofs to provide the most efficient clean possible.
  • Cedar Shake Roof- For this type of roof we use a non-chlorine based cleaner specifically designed for shake roofs to restore the natural look of the cedar. Chlorine can actually damage your cedar shake shingles causing them to prematurely crack and splinter shortening the life of the roof. After the cleaning we apply a penetrating wood protecting sealant to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.
  • All of our Technique’s are approved by the RMA (Roofers Manufacturers Association)
  • Make sure you hire a contractor that carries Roofers Workers Compensation Insurance (Class code 5551)
  • We will gladly provide you with a copy of our Roofers Workers Compensation Insurance upon request
  • We carry Roofer Workman’s Comp Insurance (Class Code 5551) on all of our employees to protect our customers and their investment.
  • Most Roof Cleaned with our methods usually last 2-3 years
  • We provide a 2 year pro-rated roof warranty
  • Roof Pressure Washing
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