Parking Garage and Parking Lot Cleaning and Maintenance

  • First Impressions of a parking garage make all the difference in how potential tenants and their clients perceive a business, our parking garage is one of your most important assets. With 15 years of professional hands on experience in the parking garage cleaning and the pressure cleaning industry we know how to remove the toughest of stains safely and efficiently, it is important to have an expert available to you when removing them.
  • It is necessary for your protection to hire a knowledgeable company when it comes to the appearance of your parking garage. In order to protect yourself from exposure to liabilities you need a company with many years of experience. We have done parking garages all over the state of Florida and are aware of all of the dangers incorporated with them.
  • We use 210 degree hot water and the right chemicals to accomplish the work.
  • We also have Water Reclamation according to the Clean Water Act (CWA) available to protect the owner or managing company from heavy fines that may be brought by the EPA for dumping hydrocarbons/oils into the environment.
  • We also offer line stripping.
  • Please contact us to meet with one of our specialists.

Why Choose Us

      • We Care:
      • Quality: Our team is highly trained, friendly and efficient
      • Customer Satisfaction: We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
      • Equipment: Our fleet contains only High-quality Commercial grade, Hot water  equipment which are equipped to handle an array of cleaning duties
      • EPA Compliance: We provide the latest in  water recovery technology in accordance with the Clean Water Act (CWA), we can recover up to 85% of dirty water and utilize environmentally friendly chemicals
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