• Fleet Washing or Heavy Equipment Cleaning can stand your company apart from the rest. Many of the contracts we have done in the past or currently have are very successful. This is due in part to care for their public appearance. These companies know that first impressions are one of the keys to a successful business. They also consider that clean equipment has less breakdowns which leads to better profits.
  • We have done work for some of the largest fleets in the state of Florida including big names like FPL, SWA, and USPS. We have also done work for many shipping companies and railroads. Our experience has led us to wash some of the most unusual equipment on the face of this planet, much of which can be seen on History channels “Mega Movers” and “Modern Marvels”. We truly believe if it needs to be washed we can find a way to do it.  


Why Choose Us

      • We Care:
      • Quality: Our team is highly trained, friendly and efficient
      • Customer Satisfaction: We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
      • Equipment: Our fleet contains only High-quality Commercial grade, Hot water  equipment which are equipped to handle an array of cleaning duties
      • EPA Compliance: We provide the latest in  water recovery technology in accordance with the Clean Water Act (CWA), we can recover up to 85% of dirty water and utilize environmentally friendly chemicals
Equipment Cleaning