Why clean the roof? The roof stains and black streaks aren’t hurting anything!

Wrong!! A stained roof costs real money!
Roof Stains cost you real money through:

  • Shortened roof life – Cost $4,000.00
  • Increased energy costs – Hundreds each year
  • Reduced property values – Cost $10,000.00

Those black stains and streaks are eating into more than your roof!

Insurance and Home Owner Associations may also require you to clean your roof.
Increasingly, Insurance companies are requiring roof cleaning to prevent mold infestations, and for several years now HOA have been requiring ugly roofs to be cleaned or replaced.

When it comes to Safety and Health, the stains are a form of mold, and mold that works its way into the home is bad news!
“Sick House syndrome” is real, and can cause you and your family to suffer the ill effects of mold and bacteria.

Do you need to clean your roof? YES.